Person Steals Property Worth More Than $16K from Psych Hospital

Someone broke into and stole from the former psychiatric hospital sometime before 9 a.m. June 26, according to a Northville Township police report.

Someone cut a heavy chain link used to secure a roll up door on the north side of the Seven Mile property’s former power plant, at 41001 Seven Mile Road, the report said.

The suspect stole two commercial grade gas-powered generators valued at $15,000 and two portable gas-powered generators valued at $1,500, according to the report.

The complainant from National Environmental Group said the commercial generators were heavy and would require multiple people to lift them into a car, the report said. 

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Demolition of Robert Scott Correctional Facility

Although unrelated to NRPH, we wanted to share a couple photos of the demolition that is underway at the nearby Robert Scott Correctional Facility at the corner of 5 Mile and Beck roads. Thanks to Frank M for the photos!


June 4, 2013, 8:21 pm

Bye Bye Powerhouse!

Northville Township to take down old powerhouse on hospital property

by Lonnie Huhman (HomeTownLife) Staff Writer

To properly complete the first step in its clean up of the Seven Mile Road property, Northville Township has approved using money from its general fund to remove the asbestos from the former psychiatric hospital’s powerhouse.

Last August, when the demolition and clean up of the powerhouse was first underway, contactors found vastly more asbestos than they had estimated when they looked inside the boiler units. The cancer-causing asbestos was discovered in every crack of the bricks. It was then, according to Northville Township’s Public Services Director Tom Casari, more testing was done and it was determined that more abatement would be necessary, raising the cost higher than a $200,000 federal brownfield grant would pay for.

Because of this the Northville Township Board of Trustees agreed Thursday to spend an additional $288,000 from the general fund to have the asbestos removed by hand, so the structure can safely be demolished.

"This is an important matter for our residents," said Supervisor Robert Nix. "We are going to complete the project…that’s the real purpose of this motion."

Nix said they also have an obligation to get this done if the township wants to qualify for other future grants to help with the cleanup of the remaining buildings on the former hospital property. Complying with the brownfield cleanup plan is crucial, he said.

The board approved a budget amendment and contract change order to allow contactor, National Environmental Group, to complete the powerhouse cleanup project. The change order is in the amount of $300,000.

However, Casari said if there is money left over from the allocated $400,000 then another change order could be brought forward to use the remainder toward another building clean up on the property.

The property is 330 acres with another 82 next door being developed by private planners. Overall, the project will see the demolition of at least 140,000 square feet of obsolete facilities, asbestos abatement and the removal of a portion of an underground steam tunnel network, site preparation and infrastructure improvements.

According to the township’s brownfield plan, several investigations have been conducted on the property which identified historic landfill areas containing waste materials, including suspected medical waste. A former incinerator used to burn medical waste is also present.

The existing buildings on the property are in a general state of disrepair and contain various types and quantities of potentially hazardous materials as well. The report stated asbestos is present within the buildings, which must be abated to mitigate potential health hazards associated with it. | (248) 437-2011, ext. 255

Northville Trails subdivision resident Linda Wagner stands near the old power plant on the former Northville Psychiatric Hospital property. Northville Township officials agreed to demolish the structure, which contains plenty of asbestos. / File photo


April 25, 2013, 6:12 pm